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If every dev had a Press Kit site like that, my job would be a whole lot easier.

—Craig Grannell (Stuff, TechRadar, MacWorld)

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I am working on better video. In the meantime, I hope this is better than nothing.

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Geoff Hackworth


I signed up today to @nemecek_f 's I'm very impressed and have set up an entry for my upcoming SF Menu Bar app: Oh yeah, any press types who are interested in Mac utilities should check it out! Planned release Friday April 8th.

Alex Staravoitau


If you're an indie dev, or someone who is involved in any amount of apps' marketing β€” I can't recommend #ImpressKit enough. It's a great tool I didn't know I needed! Great job, @nemecek_f πŸ‘

Michael Tigas


Migrated @FocusedWorkApp 's Press Kit over to #ImpressKit this evening ahead of its upcoming major update, and I have to admit... @nemecek_f has done a fantastic job for making the process so simple, and one less thing to worry about. πŸ™‚



I'll take any knowledge I can get! :D ImpressKit made it easy to whip up some press information so clearly you know what you're doing!

Leo Mehlig


#ImpressKit is an awesome tool to create a press kit for your app! It has everything you could wish for. More then happy to pay for it πŸ’Έ



Did I mention how awesome #ImpressKit is? I created a press kit suite in just a few clicks. πŸŽ‰

Aram Miquel


What a great tool and an even better developer! πŸ”₯ #ImpressKit

Limited DFS


I just updated the overview of @bluebird_app ’s press kit (, and shoutout to ImpressKit by @nemecek_f , which has saved me tons of work!

Jordi Bruin


Marketing is still the part I dislike the most though! Having a good press kit with quotes and quality images definitely helps! Recommend using Impresskit!

Michael Tigas


Shoutout to @nemecek_f for creating an awesome utility in #ImpressKit! πŸ™Œ He's made the process of creating and hosting a Press Kit for apps really easy. Highly recommend keeping this tool in mind.

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