ImpressKit is currently free without limits in the pre-launch phase. However as a matter of transparency, I want to announce that this will be paid product.

Currently I don't plan to offer various tiers, because I don't want to make it too complicated and deal with stuff around upgrades and downgrades + enforcing limits.

I expect ImpressKit to become paid product sometimes around Spring 2022 (instead of Autumn 2021, I decided to focus more on polishing the product than on payments). I am still not sure about the pricing, but it will be in the 30-40 USD range per year. Paid via Stripe.

I want to make this accessible not only to full-time indie developers but also hobbyist who have paid apps on the App Store. I think this price is quite reasonable.

If you have any thoughts about the price - I am all ears. Please get in touch.