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Posture Pal helps people improve their neck and shoulder posture by using the motion sensors in Apple's AirPods. They can improve their neck, shoulder and back posture without having to purchase a separate tracking device. They can just their AirPods!*.

Start a Posture Session and Posture Pal will keep track of your neck tilt and will alert you when a bad posture is detected, even in the background.


  • Visual, vibration and sound alerts when bad posture is detected

  • Works in the background with low battery usage

  • Works while other sound or music is playing

  • Three different sensitivity levels

  • Custom colors and theming*

  • Custom sensitivity angles*

  • 12 different app icons*

  • Full support for Dynamic Text, Voice Over and Voice Control

** Posture Pal supports AirPods (3rd Generation), AirPods Pro, AirPods Max and Beats Fit Pro. Other headphones that can send motion data to your iPhone will also work.

** Posture Pal Pro required for some features

Origin of the app

"A few years back I bought a hardware tracker to improve my posture, which required me to stick it to the back of my neck. After a few days of feeling like a cyborg I stopped using it. When I came across the motion detection API I realized I would be able to create the same posture tracking experience but in a much less obtrusive format. A lot of people have their AirPods in their ears the entire day, so they won't have to adjust their lifestyle as much." - Jordi Bruin

Rafi, the first Posture Pal

"My little cousins always ask me if I can also make video games as a developer. I wanted to make something fun together with them, which is why I came up with the concept for Posture Pal where there are animated characters that inform the user about their posture. The first Posture Pal is Rafi the Giraffe! 🦒 Users can interact with Rafi and they will hopefully make the experience a bit more playful for people." - Jordi Bruin

Motion Data from AirPods

In iOS 14 Apple introduced an API that allows developers to read the motion sensor data in newer AirPods. This same motion data is used for the Spatial Audio feature on iOS. Developers have access to tilt, attitude and x, y and z rotation which allows for interesting new applications such as Posture Pal.


Thanks to friends from all over the world, Posture Pal has already been translated into 18 languages, including: English, Dutch, German, Danish, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Bulgarian, Turkish, Croation, Portuguese, Korean, Hungarian, Polish, Vietnamese, Norwegian and Afrikaans.


Posture Pal has been optimized from the start to be as accessible as possible, with full support for Dynamic Text, Reduce Motion and Voice Over.


Posture Pal is free to download from the App Store. Users can track their posture for up to ten minutes at a time and can adjust the colors in the app until they relaunch the app. There's a one time payment for $2 (or equivalent) that removes the time limit, adds more customization for the posture tracking sensitivity and the theming of the app.

The proceeds of the first week of sales will be send to the families of our friends that have fled Ukraine in the last two weeks.

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