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Structured combines calendars with to-do lists into a simple timeline of your day. You can split your day into small chunks and create tasks for everything you need to do. Each task has a starting time and duration and fills up while it's running to give a visual indication of its progress. Once a task is complete, you get the satisfaction of crossing it off the list.

With a one-time purchase, users can unlock Structured Pro, which gives access to calendar and reminders import, notifications, and recurring tasks.

Structured also has a home screen widget of upcoming tasks and lots of options to customize the appearance and add more details to tasks.

Some features are only accessible with a one-time purchase for ~$5. If you'd like a promo code try them, please contact me at

Why Structured?

Structured is not an alternative to other calendars or to-do lists. It can be more seen as a companion. While most calendars help you plan important events sometime in the future, Structured is about planning what you want to do today.

By setting clear goals for the day and blocking out certain times for them, you can better focus on those and stay more concentrated.

I've gotten a lot of feedback from students and neurodiverse people, who use Structured every day. The visual timeline and color-coding help them stay on track and avoid distractions.

New in Structured 2.0

Structured 2.0 is the biggest update to the app since its launch over a year ago. I worked on this update for over 6 months and it brings lots of new features on small improvements.

The release is planned for the Oct 4, 2021, but you can already download the TestFlight beta:

Inbox & Reminders Import

The Inbox is the place to store all to-dos that don't have a fixed time or day yet. Combined with the new Apple Reminders import, it enables a lot of new workflows.

More Powerful Tasks

Tasks can now have notes and subtasks. Plus more options for recurring tasks and the ability to set tasks as "All-Day". These changes are also all reflected in the updated timeline.

Lots of small improvements

Better iPad Support, global app theme, alternative app icons, accessibility, improved performance, and a lot more. For a full list, check out the release notes in the "Files" sections.

About the Developer

Hi, I'm Leo, a 23 y.o. computer science student from Berlin, Germany. Around 1.5 years ago I created Structured because I did not find a good day planner on the App Store. I also wanted to try out Apple's new UI framework SwiftUI.

When I release the app around a year ago, I did not have any big expectations, but soon the download numbers kept rising beyond my wildest dreams.

One year later, the app is still going strong, and I really enjoy working on it as a one-person team.

Some numbers:

  • Over 350k downloads
  • Over 25k users upgrade to Pro
  • Over 18k ratings and reviews at an average of 4.8 stars
  • 100k monthly active users creating 1 million tasks each month


This is a list of the biggest features in Structured. Please note that some are new features in version 2.0 and some require a one-time purchase of ~$5 (marked as "Pro Feature").

Visual Timeline

The timeline is the core of Structured. It shows you how long tasks run, what their progress is and where you still have breaks.

Tasks Editor

Tasks can be created in a few clicks using the task editor. With intuitive controls, you can enter a title, set a time and duration, choose a color and fill out other details like notes and subtasks. While typing the title, the app already suggests a fitting icon, using on-device machine learning. You can also choose to repeat a task daily, weekly, or monthly, with many more options like setting it to repeat every other day or just on weekends (Pro feature).


The Inbox is a place to store all to-dos, which don't have a set time and day yet. You can use it to first enter everything you need to do and then go through it and place the tasks in your day plan.

Calendar Import (Pro Feature)

Structured can automatically import calendar events right into your day plan. You can choose from all calendars, which are added to the system settings, and also hide individual calendar events. Just like tasks, calendar events can be completed.

Reminders Import (Pro Feature)

Reminders from the Apple Reminder app can automatically be imported into the Inbox. From there you can place them in your day plan and mark them as complete, once they are done. The completion status also gets synced back to the Reminders app.

Notifications (Pro Feature)

You can choose to receive notifications when tasks start and/or end. The tasks can also be completed right from the notifications, without ever opening the app.

Home Screen Widgets

There are small, medium, and large home screen widgets, which always display the current and upcoming tasks. They are updated live and you can complete or add tasks right from the widgets.

iCloud Sync

All tasks and settings are automatically synced between all your devices. So you can use Structured on your iPhone, iPad, and hopefully soon your Mac.


Structured automatically uses the light or dark mode set in the system settings. You can also freely choose the main color of the app and change the app icon.

Accessibility and Localization

Structured aims to be useful to as many people as possible. This includes making it affordable to everyone and giving people an option to request a free version if they can't afford it. The app is also available in almost 30 languages and I did my best to support larger text, VoiceOver, VoiceControl, increased contrast, and other accessibility settings.

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