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AppBlock blocks distracting apps and websites to boost productivity

With AppBlock for iOS, users can block various distracting apps and any website. Either with a simple on/off switch or scheduled blocking for maximum flexibility.

How does blocking work?

On-device VPN

AppBlock uses on-device VPN technology to block network requests from user-selected apps and block user-selected websites, which means that sites are blocked in all browsers and not just the default Safari.

Shortcuts Automation

Messaging apps (currently Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Signal, Messages, Viber and Telegram) are blocked using Shortcuts Automation which prevents them from launching.

AppBlock includes step-by-step guide to setup blocking with Shortcuts. The setup ends with screen to test if automation is setup correctly so users can be confident that the automation is working.

Blocking options


QuickBlock is the quick way to start blocking distracting apps and websites. QuickBlock is a single list of apps and sites users can block simply by toggling it ON. Premium subscribers can also begin QuickBlock with a timer; it stops blocking once it expires.


Users looking for more flexibility with blocking should use Profiles. Users can schedule profiles to be active only on particular days and during specific intervals.

AppBlock also supports location-based blocking (also known as geofencing), which users can further combine with time scheduling for maximum flexibility.

Blocking examples

  • Every weekday
  • Every Friday from 8 AM to 4 PM
  • Every day
  • When at work
  • When at home, 8 PM to 11 PM


  • Blocks 30+ apps
  • including TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Netflix, Telegram
  • Blocks any selected website
  • QuickBlock for easy ON/OFF blocking
  • Time-based blocking with Profiles
  • Location-based blocking with Profiles
  • Academy to learn about productivity
  • iPhone & iPad

Who is this app for?

Students or, more broadly, people who struggle with focusing on their study/work due to distracting apps.


AppBlock is available for free for basic blocking (see limitations below).

To use all features, users need to subscribe to a Premium subscription. AppBlock Premium costs 3.99$ monthly or 19.99$ yearly.

A one-week trial is available.

Promo codes for testing/reviews are available upon request.

Free version limitations

  • Max 3 apps/websites blocked with QuickBlock
  • QuickBlock with Timer not available
  • Max 2 profiles
  • User can schedule profiles only for one day
  • Academy lessons are limited

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