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Better way to transfer screenshots from Nintendo Switch
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SwitchBuddy: Transfer tool and gallery for Nintendo Switch

SwitchBuddy is a companion app for the Nintendo Switch game console. It simplifies transferring screenshots & videos and offers a gallery to view and share them with friends conveniently.

This app is not affiliated with Nintendo.

Export options

  • iOS: Option to export game captures to Photos library, iCloud Drive, or in-app storage (with management via the native Files app).

  • Android: Game captures are stored in a dedicated folder in the filesystem.


  • Quick transfer
  • Save to Photos or iCloud Drive
  • Camera zoom
  • Quick screenshot sharing
  • Themes
  • Drag & drop in iPad version

How it works

  • Select screenshot in the Album app
  • Select "Send to Smart Device"
  • Scan the first QR code with SwitchBuddy & confirm connection
  • Wait a bit for connection
  • DONE


SwitchBuddy is a free app without ads. It features 100% optional Tip Jar that is used to unlock more app themes.

About the developer

I am Filip Němeček from the Czech Republic.

I have been developing software close to ten years and in the last few primarily focused on iOS and Apple platforms.

SwitchBuddy was created because I was frustrated by the clumsy process required to transfer screenshots from Switch to my phone.

Android version was developed by my friend Milan Suchomel.

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iOS 13+, iPadOS 13+



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