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Navi adds subtitles and live translations to FaceTime through SharePlay

Navi opens FaceTime up to people with hearing impairments and other disabilities that prevent them from engaging easily in a video call environment. And through Live Translations users can now FaceTime anyone, in any language!


  • Instant closed captioning for your FaceTime Calls
  • Translate the incoming subtitles in realtime to over 20 languages
  • Experience build specifically around Picture in Picture
  • On macOS the subtitles are overlaid directly on the video window
  • Subtitles are end to end encrypted through Apple's servers

Who is this app for?

People with hearing impairments who have trouble with video calls and people who want to communicate with people who speak another language than they do.

Why did i build this?

In April I found an API that I used to let mute people speak on the phone with Text to Speech. When Apple announced SharePlay in June, the first thing I tried was to make an app that would allow deaf people to 'hear' while on FaceTime. I love to build things that make people's lives easier, and the SharePlay framework was also a lot of fun to learn along the way.


Navi is available for free. Users can unlock the ability to use subtitles on all their calls for a one time payment.

To enable the Live Translation, users can purchase packs of Translate Tokens which are used for translating incoming subtitles.

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