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If every dev had a Press Kit site like that, my job would be a whole lot easier.

—Craig Grannell (Stuff, TechRadar, MacWorld)

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I am working on better video. In the meantime, I hope this is better than nothing.

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Jordi Bruin


Marketing is still the part I dislike the most though! Having a good press kit with quotes and quality images definitely helps! Recommend using Impresskit!

Michael Tigas


Shoutout to @nemecek_f for creating an awesome utility in #ImpressKit! πŸ™Œ He's made the process of creating and hosting a Press Kit for apps really easy. Highly recommend keeping this tool in mind.

Geoff Hackworth


I signed up today to @nemecek_f 's I'm very impressed and have set up an entry for my upcoming SF Menu Bar app: Oh yeah, any press types who are interested in Mac utilities should check it out! Planned release Friday April 8th.

Michael Tigas


Migrated @FocusedWorkApp 's Press Kit over to #ImpressKit this evening ahead of its upcoming major update, and I have to admit... @nemecek_f has done a fantastic job for making the process so simple, and one less thing to worry about. πŸ™‚



I'll take any knowledge I can get! :D ImpressKit made it easy to whip up some press information so clearly you know what you're doing!

Leo Mehlig


#ImpressKit is an awesome tool to create a press kit for your app! It has everything you could wish for. More then happy to pay for it πŸ’Έ



Did I mention how awesome #ImpressKit is? I created a press kit suite in just a few clicks. πŸŽ‰

Alex Staravoitau


If you're an indie dev, or someone who is involved in any amount of apps' marketing β€” I can't recommend #ImpressKit enough. It's a great tool I didn't know I needed! Great job, @nemecek_f πŸ‘

Aram Miquel


What a great tool and an even better developer! πŸ”₯ #ImpressKit

Limited DFS


I just updated the overview of @bluebird_app ’s press kit (, and shoutout to ImpressKit by @nemecek_f , which has saved me tons of work!

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