SwitchBuddy Changelog


Better multiplayer info

For most games that support any kind of multiplayer, you should now see the exact number of supported players. So this way you can easily see if the split-screen supports four players on single Switch for example.


Configurable tabs

Select tabs you want to see in SwitchBuddy with new Preferences option called "Active tabs". You can also make Favorites as tab for easier access.

Increased free version limit for Favorites

The limit of games you can add to favorites has been doubled. You can now have up to 10 games. Enjoy.


Weekly picks

Discover new games with the brand new "Weekly Picks" section available in the Games tab. Each week there will 10 new games for you to discover.


Updated News screen is now more pleasant to use thanks to horizontal scrolls snapping which makes it easy to quickly go through the articles and videos.

Want to share article or video with someone? Long press on the "card" and done!


Favorites improvement - added "jump menu" in case you have lots of games and want to navigate quicker - Wishlist now has the same grid layout as the other sections + offers the list option


Organize your Favorites

You can now categorize saved games into Wishlist, Backlog, Playing, Finished & Abandoned to make it easier if you have many favorites. This is optional and if the new category doesn't have any game, it isn't displayed.

Quickly build your collection by adding games straight from the search results. No need to open the detail screen.

More game detail improvements

The app now shows available DLCs for games on the detail page.

Redesigned News

The improved News sections shows both articles and videos without the need to toggle between them. It also highlights Nintendo Directs and other events + current topics.

When viewing your screenshots, the app shows the current game (if you named it) and number of total images + current position.

This update also includes bug fixes and other improvements.


You can now easily find all available demos when browsing by Game mode or Genre with the extended filter options.

UI improvements and tweaks for the game detail screen.

Better indicator that something is a video in the Gallery instead of the play button that covered the thumbnail.

Hopefully fixed crash when generating QR Friend Code.


New simple themes

If you don't like the colorful themes, you can now choose much simpler "accent" themes that more follow the iOS system design.

This update also improves the onboarding experience, fixes couple of issues and makes it easier to change app icon.


Preparation for Nintendo Directs and other events

You should start seeing events in the News tab once new ones are announced and more improvements are on the way.


You can change how the gallery shows screenshots and videos. New option allows grouping by date instead of game. There is also the ability to "join" multiple groups by naming them the same.

New widgets

Two new widgets to easily view Featured games. Requires SwitchBuddy+.

This update also contains bug fixes and other smaller tweaks & improvements.


Support for Bundles

When you open a game that is a bundle, you can easily view all games that are part of that bundle.

Games that are part of a bundle also link to these bundles with new "Bundled in" section.


There is new "Preferences" screen in More so important app settings are available from a single place. You can also customize the recently introduced Shake Menu or turn it off completely.

Bug fixes and visual tweaks.


Info about game demos

Game detail now also shows whether demo is available for download. Plus subscribers can also filter deals to show only games with demos. Perfect to try before you buy the game!

New reveals

Browse games that were just revealed.

Age ratings

View the game's ESRB & PEGI rating if available.

Bug fixes and tweaks.

See you in 2024! Thanks for using my app.


Improved Favorites screen - Choose how should games be sorted - UI improvements - Choose between List/Grid layouts

Bug fixes and crash fixes.




Best Games

New section available from "Games" that list TOP 20 Nintendo Switch games ever by OpenCritic ratings and best games each year since Switch release. Previous years require SwitchBuddy+.


Easily discover games with filters

You can now filter games lists when browsing by Game mode or Genre. For example you can see only Split-screen racing games with overage rating over 80.

Filter deals (SwitchBuddy+)

Lost in hundreds of discounts? Use the new Filter! You can filter based on game modes, genres and OpenCritic rating. For example you can easily find the best discounted games by using the average rating filter.

This update also includes various little fixes and tweaks.


Fixes for iOS 15 devices. I am sorry for the issues!


Compatibility update for iOS 17 with StandBy mode widgets support.


OpenCritic Integration

Detail pages for games now show OpenCritic summary allowing you to quickly evaluate a game. SwitchBuddy+ subscribers can also see all the available reviews for a game.

This integration is quite costly so that is why part of it is included in SwitchBuddy+.

New sorts for Deals

You can now sort deals by lowest and highest prices in addition to existing sorts.



Get notified about game releses, sales on your wishlished games and more!

Lock Screen widgets

Up Next & Release Countdown widgets now also have Lock Screen variants.

eShop Region settings

eShop-related features now work for everyone! You can also select the source country for deals and pricing info. It is unfortunately not possible to support every country.

Free-to-Play list

SwitchBuddy now lists all the games that are free in the eShop. (you can find it on the Games screen).

Countdown widgets themes

With new theming options you can change the background of countdown & bookmark widgets.

Better Transfer

You can quickly start new transfer with brand-new widgets or icon shortcut (long-press on the app icon on your home screen).


Release dates of upcoming favorite games are automatically updated in the background


New icon! Hope you like it (or at least don't mind)




Wishlist! + better Favorites

Browse by Genres

Want to see recent RPGs? You can now browse all available games by genres.

Game Bookmark Widget

Just a small widget to add "bookmark" of any favorite games to your Home Screen

iPad optimizations

App should now work better on iPads









Added free trial for SwitchBuddy+: Great to try all the themes and widgets


Game detail

The rest


This was hotfix update shortly after 3.1.0 to fix possible issues with countdown widgets.


Better Games section!

Shared with You (iOS 16)

Added support for Shared with You. When friends send you link via Messages, these links will be available in the app. Look for "Shared with You" card in the Games section.

You may need to enabled this feature in Settings -> Messages -> Shared with You -> toggle SwitchBuddy

Up Next widget for SwitchBuddy+

New widget type that shows up to 4 of your upcoming favorite games. Available for SwitchBuddy+ supporters.



This is super small fix for widgets sometimes not working properly for games that are just released.






Welcome to SwitchBuddy version 3!

The most significant update yet. The main new feature is the ability to track new game releases via the brand-new Games tab. Don't miss any important games!

You can view screenshots and videos and add the release date to the calendar or favorite games to make them available for countdown widgets. These Home Screen widgets support the small and medium sizes.

I have also improved the Gallery section - it supports landscape, and you can select the thumbnail size.

Also launching SwitchBuddy+: 100% optional subscription that unlocks extra goodies and removes the limit on the number of favorite games.