March 26, 2024

SwitchBuddy adds gaming library organization, support for Nintendo Direct

SwitchBuddy 3.7.0 brings improved library organization with categories, support for gaming events like Nintendo Directs, a redesigned News tab, and smaller improvements.

Personal library

The newest SwitchBuddy update makes it simple to organize Nintendo Switch games into categories: Wishlist, Backlog, Playing, Finished & Abandoned. In particular “Backlog” makes it super easy to check what titles can gamers play next.

To make it even easier to add a gaming library to SwitchBuddy, games can be added straight from search results without opening details. The library can also be reorganized by long-pressing on games in the Favorites section and moving them to a different category.

Redesigned News

News section offers easier-to-navigate design without the need to toggle between articles and videos. All the content is on a single page instead. The redesigned tab also gives access to view past Nintendo Directs and other games showcases.

There is also new “topics” sections to spotlight interesting or timely news - currently rumors about the next generation of Nintendo Switch.

Smaller improvements

The game detail screen now shows all available DLCs, making it straightforward to discover additional game content. The update also improves the screenshot viewer in Gallery, which shows the current position, total number of screenshots, and section name (if available).


SwitchBuddy 3.7.0 is available starting March 26 from the App Store for iPhone and iPad.


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