Nov. 16, 2023

SwitchBuddy introduces “Shake Shortcuts”, stickers creation

The new update utilizes motion sensors for easy access to common features. Plus, it brings the option to create gaming-themed iMessage stickers easily.

The new SwitchBuddy update brings a couple of useful additions to the core experience: motion-enabled shortcuts and easy sticker creation.

Shake Shortcuts

As SwitchBuddy grew in complexity, it has become easy to navigate deep into the app, which sometimes means surface-level features stop being accessible unless navigating all the way back.

Not anymore! The new “Shake Shortcuts” menu is available anywhere in the app. All it takes is a little shake with the device to trigger the shortcuts overlay; this overlay always displays no matter what is opened in the app.

The menu offers these shortcuts:

iMessage stickers creation

Thanks to Live Text improvements in iOS 17, users can now easily create their own shortcuts from any image opened in the in-app gallery. These might be user’s screenshots, game screenshots, or artwork. The sticker creation should work for any image that has a distinct subject or subjects.

After opening a suitable image, users can hold a finger on the subject and select the “Add Sticker” option. This opens the system stickers menu and allows the user to select from the available sticker effects.

New ratings milestone

SwitchBuddy recently crossed the 2000 ratings milestone in the App Store with a global average of 4.8.


The update is now available from the App Store.


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