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HomeDevices shows you the features of HomeKit devices even before you own them and presents news from HomeKit experts around the world!

Have you ever wondered what you can really expect from a HomeKit device? What sensors does it have built in? What can be controlled? What can be used as an event in automations? HomeDevices answers all these questions for you.

With the world's largest HomeKit database, we show you devices with all the relevant information. Completely without marketing blah blah.

You can browse our categories, search for specific devices, add them to your personal wishlist, and even integrate your existing HomeKit devices. That way, you can see exactly which devices you already own and what they can do. After all, not every HomeKit control app shows you all the possibilities. With HomeDevices, you get a complete overview!

In this context, HomeDevices is not another app for controlling your HomeKit devices. Instead, we want to give you an overview of what HomeKit devices are out there and what they can do.

We also share HomeKit news from experts around the world. Decide for yourself which bloggers and YouTubers you want to be shown and get informed about new content via push notification.

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