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About Zenitizer

Zenitizer is a clutter-free meditation timer designed for iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad.

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Most meditation apps are packed with content, which is great for learning, but also adds clutter and distractions. Zenitizer is a clean & simple tool for meditatiors who want to own their meditation experience instead of just passively "consuming meditation content" - and based on the app's feedback, that is excactly what users appreciate most about it.

It offers soothing background sounds + interval bells and helps users cultivate a regular practice via daily meditation goals and streaks. Users can save their timer presets as "routines" that can be quickly launched via Siri, Shortcuts, or Widgets.

It is designed as a native iOS & watchOS app and is deeply integrated with many Apple platform features (Shortcuts, Apple Health, Interactive Widgets, ...).

The Journey So Far

Reception by Users, App Store and the Media

Since it's launch in late May 2023 it was downloaded over 10,000 times and has received incredibly positive reviews (4.9 star rating on the US App Store).

It was featured on the App Store on mulitple occasions - and in the context of the major iOS 17 update and watchOS 10 app redesign it even got a prominent feature artwork placement on the top of the "Apps" tab!

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Over the course of different updates, it has also been reviewed and featured by a number of news sites and blogs including (but not limited to): MacStories, AppAdvice, TechCrunch, MakeUseOf, BGR, Apfelpage, The Sun and many others ☺️

If you are among the folks who have covered Zenitizer in the past, I am incredibly grateful. As a small indie developer without a big marketing budget your support makes all the difference in the world for me πŸ™

Significant Updates And Milestones

Since it's launch, Zenitizer has been updated numerous times, always focussing on alignment of user feedback and Apple platform features that make sense for a meditation timer. The biggest milestones were:

  1. iCloud support for syncing meditation stats and custom timer routines
  2. Interactive Widgets for iOS 17 and a watchOS 10 redesign
  3. Daily meditation reminders including smart scheduling automations via Shortcuts
  4. Detailed statistics and "End Of Year Review"
  5. Apple Vision Pro app that looks and feels at home on visionOS

(See individual press releases for each of these updates to learn more πŸ‘€)

Feature Overview

βŒ›οΈ Meditation Timer

  • Customize duration and different meditation stages
  • Selection of calming background sounds
  • Interval bells help you return your focus when thoughts drift off

βš™οΈ Meditation Routines

  • Save favorite timer presets as routines
  • Quickly start routines in the app, via Home Screen widgets or Siri Shortcuts

πŸ† Daily Goal and Streaks

  • Set your daily meditation goal
  • Reach your goal to grow your meditation streak (reminders help you stay on track)
  • Meditate at least one minute a day to keep the current streak (even if you don't reach your goal)
  • Easily keep an eye on your progress with Lock Screen & Home Screen Widgets and ο£ΏWatch Complications
  • Manually log meditations: You were just mindful on a walk? Quickly log 10 mindful minutes with Zenitizer.

🍎 Deep Integration with the Apple Ecosystem

  • Synchronize mindful minutes with Apple Health
  • Use Shortcuts to automate your meditation sessions (e.g. set HomeKit scenes and Focus modes during a meditation or automatically start a 5 minute meditation when you wake up each morning. The possibilities are endless!)
  • Start a meditation through Siri with just one command - even from your HomePod! "Hey Siri, meditate with Zenitizer"
  • Stream meditation sessions + background sounds to AirPlay speakers or Smart TVs in your home
  • Fully accessible UI: My goal is that Zenitizer is not only usable but convenient and easy to use by anyone. I integrate Apple's accessibility APIs and regularly test the app with assistive technologies like VoiceOver

πŸ”’ Privacy-Friendly by Design

  • Meditation data is securely stored locally on your devices and in Apple Health
  • I am neither collecting nor selling user data to anyone. The business model is honest and simple.

Who is this app for?

Meditators looking for an elegant and minimal meditation tracker specifically designed to work and feel right at home on their Apple devices.

User who want to track their progress in Apple Health and who are motivated by daily goals and streaks will find a lot of value in Zenitizer.

Apple Watch users will appreciate that Zenitzer's Apple Watch app was designed from the ground up to provide a great "Watch First" user experience! It is a fully-featured, standalone meditation timer, rather than just a "companion app" or a mere "design afterthought".

Unguided Meditations vs. Guided Meditations?

There is no shortage of existing meditation apps, but most of them are focussed on accumulating large libraries of guided meditation content. Zenitizer does not compete with those, but instead aims to become the perfect tool for tracking unguided meditations on Apple devices.

I have spoken to a number of meditators (especially more experienced meditators who feel they have "outgrown" guided meditations) who told me that they had been looking (and wishing) for an app like Zenitizer for a long time, so there certainly seems to be a target audience for an app like this.

Pricing Model and Zenitizer+

The core timer functionality is available for free but more advanced features (see below) require a Zenitizer+ subscription or lifetime purchase.

Zenitizer+ Exclusive Features

  • Timer:
    • Choose from all background soundscapes (free tier only includes "Nature" and "No" background sounds)
    • Full customization of all stages, bells and interval timings (free tier only includes adjusting the "Start Bell" stage and overall timer duration)
  • Routines for storing (and quickly loading) timer configurations as presets
  • Manually logging mindful minutes
  • Shortcuts and Widgets functionality that integrates with any premium features (e.g. routines or manual meditation logging) will require Zenitizer+. Generally though Shortcuts support and widgets are included in the free tier.


Prices (US App Store - Other Countries Automatically Set By Apple)

  1. Monthly: 2.99$
  2. Yearly: 19.99$
  3. Lifetime: 79.99$

All plans support Family Sharing, so that multiple members of a household can use all Zenitizer+ features with a single subscription or in-app purchase.

Fact Sheet

Launch Date

May 25th 2023

Supported Platforms

iOS/iPadOS 16.0+, watchOS 9.0+

Pricing Model

Subscription with lifetime option and free tier

Monthly Price


Yearly Price


Lifetime Price


Discount Code (50% off yearly)


Supports Family Sharing

Yes! (All Plans)

Languages Supported

English (localization planned for future update)

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