Jan. 25, 2024

Spatial Meditation with Zenitizer on Apple Vision Pro

Zenitizer, the distraction-free meditation timer for Apple devices, has been fully optimized and reimagined for Apple Vision Pro and will be available on the App Store for the new device on day one!

It is designed to feel right at home on visionOS and takes advantage of the new UI elements and design language. At this time, Zenitizer does not come with its own environments but it is programmed to be compatible with the beautiful built-in virtual environments that ship as part of visionOS.

The timer, background sounds and bells continue after closing the window for a 100% distraction-free meditation environment.

Of course, Zenitizer seamlessly syncs your meditation history and personal meditation routines between your Apple Vision Pro, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch so you can meditate wherever, whenever and however you like. And by syncing from Apple Vision Pro to iPhone, it will even save meditations to Apple Health - even though Apple Vision Pro does not have HealthKit support!

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Clean & Simple Meditation for iPhone and Apple Watch