Dec. 29, 2023

Reflections & Resolutions

For many of us, turning towards the new year involves two things: reflecting about the past 12 months and setting intentions for the road ahead - Zenitizer is here to support its users with both!


Personalized Meditation Year In Review

Wonder how many hours you meditated throughout 2023 or how many days per week on average? With Zenitizer's new statistics, you can see these and many more data points and share your 2023 meditation progress as a personalized image.

An image showing the feature in three screenshots

And the best thing? The 2023 Yearly Stats feature is free and even works if you haven't used Zenitizer before since it seamlessly integrates with Apple Health and takes mindful minutes from other meditation apps into account (dark theme and removal of the Zenitizer logo in the generated image require Zenitizer+)


Community Motivation & Inspiration

New year's resolutions are easy to make, but tricky to stick with in the long term. Zenitizer already offers features to support users in forming habits, such as streaks, statistics and daily meditation reminders. But there's another highly effective way to make a long-term commitment: sharing your goals, progress and challenges with likeminded people - the community!

Adding a community feature inside the app itself would be difficult to align with Zenitizer's vision to provide a minimal and distraction-free meditation environment that focusses on the core time experience.

This is why the community will, instead, be organized around the @zenitizer account on various social media channels where followers can engage with weekly check-in posts to share their progress, ask questions and motivate and inspire one another. The goal is to achieve a sense of mutual accountability and mentorship between different meditation enthusiasts (regardlness of whether they use the app or not).

The @zenitizer account will also regularly post general meditation and mindfulness tips and tricks and educate users about new and advanced features as they are being added to the app.

You can follow and connect with @zenitizer on Instagram, Mastodon, Threads, Facebook and Twitter/X

Lifetime Commitment

To further support users in making a serious commitment to a regular meditation practice the Zenitizer+ Lifetime plan is currently reduced by 50% ($69.99 → $34.99). The offer is valid all throughout the first week of January up until January 7th.

The Lifetime plan is not discounted often and it was never discounted this much, so this is a rare opportunity for anyone who is looking to permanently unlock all Zenitizer+ premium features.


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