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Simple scanner with advanced features
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Simple document scanner that packs advanced features

Scan it is very simple document scanner. At its core the app is a list of recently scanned documents that can be tagged and exported in variety of ways.

To never lose a scan, Scan it uploads all new scans to "Scan it" folder inside the user's iCloud Drive. These are by default uploaded as images but can be changed to upload as PDF in app settings.

Scan it also does automatic OCR (optical character recognition) and presents the text on the detail of individual scans. This text is also indexed for search and can be quickly copied or shared.

iPad version features grid based list of scans to better utilize the big screen and users can choose from three sizes of the cards in grid.


App is completely free without any additional purchases or ads.

About the developer

Hello, I am Filip Němeček and I made Scan it because I just wanted simple document scanner that wouldn't overwhelm me with features and wouldn't try to get me to pay for subscription whose features I don't need.

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