Dec. 5, 2022

Scan it redesigned with Version 3 based on feedback from Apple

Version 3.0.0 for the document scanner app Scan it brings an important redesign that simplifies the user interface and also tweaks other UX aspects.


In late November 2022, I was fortunate to get accepted for "Ask Design Evangelism" session from Apple, where a designer from Cupertino looked at my app and provided valuable feedback.

Simpler UI, faster scanning

The new update removes the tab bar interface from the iPhone version and instead uses a prominent "New Scan" button that immediately launches the scanning feature. The new welcome view also explains the limitations of the free version.

The detail screen was also redesigned, there is now more generous spacing making it faster to navigate, and the delete feature was moved at the bottom instead of the navigation bar.

The search bar is now part of the main screen, making it super easy to access.

New widget

Along with the redesign, there is a new medium sized "Shortcuts" widget that offers quick actions:

Indie App Santa

Scan it is part of the great Indie App Santa event, and the Pro unlock, normally priced at 5 EUR/USD, is 100% free December 5-6.


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