Jan. 24, 2023

SwitchBuddy adds game releases with countdown widgets, and other improvements

The biggest update for SwitchBuddy launches on January 26 on iOS and iPadOS. The main feature of the new version is the brand-new "Games" section listing upcoming game releases for the Switch game console. The app uses the popular IGDB game database.

Game releases

Users can view upcoming games in a grid or a list. Games are grouped by months for a quick orientation and feature-rich detail pages with screenshots, trailers, and links for more information.

Release dates are region-aware. Based on the device's location, our backend server returns the correct release date for a given game.

Games can be shared via universal links, and sharing will work across platforms once the new update is available for Android.

Countdown widgets (iOS 15+)

Users can favorite games for easy access later. Favoriting games also make them available for countdown Home Screen widgets. These are small and medium sizes, featuring game covers and days until release.

Other improvements

Alongside the Games section, this update brings a few quality-of-life improvements to other parts of the app. Users can resize gallery thumbnails and view screenshots in landscape orientation.

Users can configure news articles to open in-app or via the default browser. The same preference applies to YouTube videos.

Themes selection now offers a compact layout to more easily see and visually compare the different themes.

SwitchBuddy+ Subscription

To make the app's future development sustainable, version 3 launches an optional Plus subscription, priced at 18$ / year.

Subscribing removes the limit of five favorite games and unlocks bonus in-app themes and extra alternate icons.


SwitchBuddy version 3 will be available via App Store from January 26. The Android version of the update is currently in development.

The new version can be tested via Apple TestFlight.

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