July 20, 2023

SwitchBuddy updated with Notifications, Lock Screen widgets, and more

Nintendo Switch companion app SwitchBuddy got the most significant update since spring. The main features are notifications and expanded widget support.


With version 3.4.0, the app can monitor wishlisted games in the background and send notifications when there is sale on Nintendo eShop. Users can also turn on notifications for individual game releases to never miss a game.

In addition, when a favorited game gets a release date, the app will also notify the user. This is great for long-awaited games that are already announced.

Lock Screen widgets + new types

The countdown widgets and “Up next” can now be used on a lock screen to keep the releases even closer. The update also brings a new “Transfer” widget used to start a transfer session quickly. This new widget is available both for Lock Screen & Home Screen.

The countdown widgets now offer configurable backgrounds, which can be blurred cover (the current default), current app theme, or plain (white/black, depending on the system).

eShop Region settings

The Nintendo eShop-related features are now available to everyone. SwitchBuddy supports 15 regions for deals and prices, unsupported countries default to the United States, but users can change the region anytime in preferences.

More minor improvements

SwitchBuddy now lists all “Free-2-Play” games available on the eShop; previously, only a limited hand-curated selection of free games was available.

Transfer is now available from Gallery. In addition to the shortcut widget already mentioned, an “app icon shortcut” is available after long pressing the app icon to start the transfer quickly.


SwitchBuddy version 3.4.0 is available from the App Store starting July 20.

All the new features are available for free. If you want to try everything in SwitchBuddy, get in touch and will send a promo code.


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