How to prepare text overview

The textual overview is among the essential parts of your press kit. In this guide, we'll look at what content to include and how to structure it.

Start with the most important

Does your app offer a standout feature? Introduce it in the first paragraph. Alternatively, you can focus on what kind of issues your app solves. The key is to "sell" your app as early as possible.

If your app has many alternatives (for example, you have a new to-do app or a document scanner) - focus on what makes your app unique. Maybe it offers more advanced features or has a unique personality. Next, you can continue and describe the rest of the app. What additional features it has, whether users can use it on all their devices, and similar.

Provide bullet points

Bullet points are great to quickly list features or steps involved in completing a complicated task with your app. Not only will these provide an excellent value/time-to-read ratio, but the journalist can also cite them in their stories or reviews.

In general, providing content that the journalist can include in news stories is great because you will save the journalist quite some time, and they don't have to come up with their list of features your app offers. Another benefit is that there is no risk of your features end up somehow misrepresented in the text.

Consider Review guide

A review guide tells the journalist how to use the app or particular features. Having a review guide depends on what type of apps you have. If it is something uniquely complex or for specific use cases, having a short paragraph explaining how to use the app or advanced feature for maximum benefit can go a long way.

Pricing and your story

Dedicate a paragraph to pricing. Pricing information is vital if you have subscriptions and possibly multiple tiers. I think you can feel free to specify both USD and EUR prices or maybe more - depending on what press you want to contact.

Is there an interesting story why you created this particular app? Perhaps share it in a brief paragraph. I would recommend using 1st person; it is implausible someone will want to copy this verbatim to their story, and the first person is more personal.


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