Why does your app need press kit?

Let's go over the reasons your app should have a great press kit. We can start by answering what is the purpose of a press kit?

The answer would be to provide journalists and editors all the material they may need when writing about your app.

However, I think there is a more precise answer.

To make it as easy as possible for a journalist to write about your app.

Ideally, the press kit should be optimized around this. When preparing images, promo graphics, or even text, you should keep this in mind. Are the screenshots in high-enough resolutions without being too big? Then the journalist doesn't have to resize the images and saves time.

Is 16:9 promo graphics available? Great. The journalist doesn't have to try to create one, because a lot of sites are using these dimensions for the main image.

Ultimately having a useful press kit with all the necessary stuff makes it way more appealing to write about your app.

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