Press kit versus landing page

Although they may look kind of similar, landing page and press kit are two different things. Mainly defined by their intended audience.

A landing page is created for a general audience. People who search for a specific app or otherwise stumble upon the site by other means. Perhaps from your other sites or social media presence.

The job of a landing page is to quickly provide an overview of the app's features. What it can do? What are some standout features? How does it look? What about pricing?

On the other hand, the main audience of a press kit are journalists who need to quickly access various material related to your app to use it in the news story. So whereas the landing page can have flashy animations, just a few optimized screenshots for quick loading, the press kit should be easy to navigate and provide materials that can be downloaded with ease.

Generally, your landing page should have a prominent link to your press kit for journalists who are intrigued by the presentation and want to write about the app.

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