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Longplay is an app for music lovers with a sizable Apple Music or iTunes library who like to listen to entire albums.

It is a music player that focuses on just the albums from which you have (nearly) added all the songs - making it quick to get to the music that means the most to you. This is in contrast to the rather cluttered “Albums” view in Apple’s Music app that includes all the albums where you even just have a handful of songs.

The app let’s users explore their albums or playlists by various sort options — a unique one is Negligence which combines how highly you’ve ranked an album, and when you last listened to it.

You can organise your albums into collections, which stay in sync across your devices using iCloud. Say, for your favourites albums, live albums, kids’ albums, albums you like to listening to while working, or albums for a road trip.

Infinite Album Shuffle let’s you listen to your albums non-stop.

Apple Technologies

  • CarPlay
  • AirPlay
  • iCloud sync
  • Siri
  • Shortcuts


One-off purchase of USD 5.99 / GBP 5.99 / EUR 6.99 / AUD 9.99.

About the developer

My name is Adrian Schönig. I'm based in Sydney, Australia. As my main occupation, I’m the CTO of SkedGo Pty Ltd, a small-to-medium sized company building a multi-modal transport platform and front-end apps, including TripGo.

Longplay is my first indie app. I like listening to entire music albums. The app therefore came out of my personal need for wanting quick access to just the complete albums in my music library - without all those albums where I’ve just added a single song or two. I built an initial version for myself in 2015, decided in early 2020 to ship it. Version 1.0 was shipped in August 2020. Version 2.0 shipped in August 2023. A macOS version is in the works.

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