Aug. 31, 2023

Longplay 2.0

This version is a big update:

The stand-out new features are the Infinite Album Shuffle, an in-app Now Playing screen, the ability to create collections and manage the queue of albums.

It also adds iCloud sync of your collections and playback stats. It let’s you see the track list of an album and rate individual tracks in-app. It adds new settings to auto-skip tracks below a certain rating or that are marked as explicit. It adds a CarPlay app to access your albums and collections right from the comfort of your driver’s seat — perfect for road trips. It also adds Siri support and adds more Shortcuts. Lastly, you can now connect a or Listenbrainz account to keep track of your listens.

The full list of additions is in the changelog.

A lot of love and polish went into this update, iterating on the very helpful feedback from the beta testers, as well as from Apple designers in a WWDC Design Lab.

The update is free for existing users. The release date is 31 August 2023. The price of the app will go up to 6 USD that date (from 3.99).

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