April 19, 2022

AppBlock adds support for location-based app blocking

With the new version of AppBlock, users can block select applications and websites based on their current location (also known as geofencing). The latest version features a full-screen map to select the location and the option to customize the radius in which the geofence will be active.

Users can select a location either by tapping on the map to select the center of the geofenced region or via an address search.

There is also an option to invert the radius. AppBlock will then block apps until the user enters the select location. Users can combine location-based blocking with time schedules.

For example, users can block social media at the office, but perhaps only during working hours. Location-based blocking further expands the flexibility to block distractions based on various conditions.

Geofence screenshots

AppBlock is a productivity-focused app for iOS and Android designed to help people stay focused by blocking distracting applications and websites.

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