May 16, 2023

Apollo Weather Adds Weather Groups with Multiple Locations

After months of planning and development, Apollo Weather version 1.3 adds support for tracking multiple locations and routes.

Weather Groups

Weather Groups help athletes track hourly forecasts across multiple locations. While groups are valuable for runners and hikers, they excel in cycling. Cyclists can monitor weather conditions before leaving for a ride and even add a route to visualize the journey, simplifying planning and preparation.

Here are some key benefits of using Weather Groups for cycling:

  1. Selecting the appropriate gear before each ride.
  2. Choosing the optimal days and times to hit the road.
  3. Ensuring proper hydration and fueling strategies.
  4. Avoiding challenging headwinds, resulting in a more comfortable return home.

Cycling Routes

Users can add a route to any Weather Group to help them better track ride conditions before and during a ride. Users can import routes from their Apple Watch workouts or from a GPX or FIT file. The app includes instructions showing users how to export files from services like Strava, Garmin, Wahoo Fitness, Ride with GPS and Komoot. There are plans to connect to these services automatically, and priority will be decided based on user interest.

Ideal Conditions and Ratings

The main reason why Apollo is differnt from other weather apps is because the user experience prioritizes training decisions and planning. All hourly forecasts, including Weather Groups, have PERFECT, ACCEPTABLE or BAD ratings depending on pre-configured ideal conditions and active times. Ratings are based on the user's preferences instead of a mysterious formula.


Weather Groups is a premium feature and is officially available starting May 16 from the App Store.

Media Contacts

For additional information, questions and promo code, please contact Axel Rivera at

About Apollo Weather

Apollo Weather is actively developed by Axel Rivera, an indie developer, cyclist, and kayaker living in Orlando, Florida.

Apollo is the go-to weather app for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. Perfect for planning weekly bike rides or long runs.

The app's main goal is to help athletes answer 3 questions:

  1. What are the best days to train during the week?
  2. What are the best hours to train?
  3. How should I prepare myself?


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