Dec. 4, 2023

GamingBuddy makes it easy to keep up with gaming showcases

Update 2.1.0 brings support for gaming-related events tracked by IGDB. These include new game announcements, awards shows, and similar.

PlayStation State of Play, Xbox Games Showcase, Nintendo Direct, PC Gaming Show and much more. These events are now part of GamingBuddy, making it super easy never to miss new events and reference past ones.

Upcoming events allow users to set up notification reminders just prior to the start of the event, which is perfect for gamers who like to watch live streams. Once the event ends (or even during), the detail page gets populated with all the announcements during the event and makes it convenient to view details about the games.

GamingBuddy also shows which games are fresh announcements with the “Premiere” badge, making it possible to watch new trailers or gameplay with just one tap. The UI also shows which games are remakes, remasters, or DLC.

The new Events are available for all users and can be shared with friends via Universal Links. Thanks to the power of the IGDB database, the app should offer the most comprehensible data on gaming events available.

GamingBuddy version 2.1.0 is available on the App Store starting December 4th.


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