Sept. 12, 2022

No Meat Today adds Lock Screen Widgets and Shortcuts

No Meat Today takes advantage of the new features in iOS16 to make it always easier to reach your goals and master your diet.

The 4.18 update includes:

About Lock Screen Widgets

The Lock Screen Widgets and Watch Complications come in three forms:

All Lock Screen Widgets are highly configurable and are designed to make sure your data stays private.

About the Shorctuts

No Meat Today is all about taking as little of your time as possible, and the new Shortcuts will help with that. You will now be able to log your meals using Siri or design your own Shortcuts using the new actions provided for No Meat Today.

When adding a new meal, a SnipetView will be display a summary of your day in a familiar interface.

About No Meat Today

No Meat Today is a companion app for people who want to eat less meat, whatever meaning they put behind "less" and "meat". From the opportunistic vegetarian to the future vegan, whether it is for your health, your finances, for ethical reasons or for the environmental impact, No Meat Today got you covered. It's fun, full of cows, non-judgmental, and some users claim this is the only thing that is keeping them on track.


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