April 8, 2024

AppDab Now on iPad and iPhone

Silkeborg, Denmark, April 8th 2024 – Originally exclusive to Mac users, AppDab has expanded its reach and is now available on iPad and iPhone. This move brings the app's streamlined App Store Connect management tools to a wider audience of developers and publishers who prefer working on their iOS devices.

AppDab allows developers to handle app listings, submissions, and tester management without repetitive logins or 2FA prompts.

"AppDab is about making app management simpler, so bringing AppDab to iPad and iPhone was a natural step. It's about giving developers flexibility and efficiency, no matter the device," said Morten Bjerg Gregersen, Lead developer of AppDab.

AppDab Features:

With security handled by Keychain and no need for repetitive sign-ins, AppDab is designed for efficiency. Its arrival on iPad and iPhone marks a significant step towards making app management more accessible and less cumbersome.

AppDab is now available from the App Store for iPad and iPhone users:

Announcement video is available on YouTube.

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At Atterdag Apps, we create tools that solve real problems for developers and ordinary people. AppDab is the product closest to our hearts as developers ourselves, designed to make app management as straightforward as possible.


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