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The native app for App Store Connect
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Manage your apps on App Store Connect in a flash!

With AppDab you can manage your apps and all the resources around it, be it screenshots, texts, builds, testers, certificates, devices or provisioning profiles.

Unlike App Store Connect, you won't be prompted for a password, or worse, a 2-factor code when you use AppDab. Your credentials are stored securely in Keychain, so the app is ready to use as soon as you launch it.


  • Edit store listing - texts and screenshots
  • Submit versions for review
  • Manage TestFlight builds, beta groups and beta testers
  • Manage certificates, App IDs, devices and provisioning profiles
  • Invite users to your team

Speed comparisons

Compared to App Store Connect, AppDab lets the user perform common tasks a lot faster. Here is comparison of some of the tasks.

How long does it take to create a signing certificate (and add it to Keychain)?

  • Apple Developer Portal: 43 seconds
  • AppDab: 6 seconds

How long does it take to expire a beta build?

  • App Store Connect: 28 seconds
  • AppDab: 8 seconds

How long does it take to add a screenshot to an App Store version?

  • App Store Connect: 30 seconds
  • AppDab: 10 seconds

How long does it take to send a new build to a group of beta testers?

  • App Store Connect: 34 seconds
  • AppDab: 13 seconds

How long does it take to create a provisioning profile?

  • Apple Developer Portal: 32 seconds
  • AppDab: 17 seconds

How it works

AppDab uses Apple's App Store Connect API to read and manipulate data in the Apple Developer Portal and App Store Connect.

An Apple Developer Program membership is required to use AppDab.

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Supported platforms

macOS 12.3 and above

Release date


Price (in USD)

Free for 1 app 🎉 For more apps: $4.99/month, $29.99/year, $39.99/lifetime


App Store Connect API via


SwiftUI all the way

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