Aug. 30, 2023

Zenitizer iOS 17 & watchOS 10 Update

Release Date

Zenitizer 1.3 has been released on September 18th in preparation for the iOS 17 and watchOS 10 and is available on the App Store as of now.

iOS 17 (Quick Demo)

Zenitizer is ready to support some of the most exciting iOS 17 features on day one: Interactive Widgets, StandBy and deep Spotlight Integration. Easily start and stop meditation sessions and check your progress from your Home Screen, Lock Screen or Spotlight.

watchOS 10 (Quick Demo)

The Zenitizer Watch App has been given a complete design overhaul to fit right in on watchOS 10 and take advantage of many of thew new watchOS 10 UI elements. It comes with a new fresh & friendly background color gradient.

iOS 17 Feature Details


All new iOS 17 features as well as the redesigned Watch App are available to customers on the free plan as well as the paid Zenitizer+ plan ($49.99/lifetime, $19.99/year, $2.99/month).

However, where the new features integrate with existing premium features (specifically Meditation Routines) Zenitizer+ is, of course, required to take full advantage.

TestFlight Beta

If you're running the iOS/iPadOS 17 or watchOS 10 beta and would like to try Zenitizer's new features for yorself, you can join the TestFlight here 😉


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