Aug. 16, 2022

HomeDevices celebrates more than 1,000 devices 🥳 - EN

There is a good reason to celebrate, because after less than a year, there are over 1,000 devices in the world's largest HomeKit database.

HomeDevices includes more than 1,000 HomeKit devices 🥳

Less than a year ago, HomeDevices launched with the goal of building the world's largest and, most importantly, most comprehensive HomeKit database. In the meantime, thanks to the help of our users who upload new devices every day, we can list over 1,000 devices. This makes it possible to take a close look at the devices and compare them with each other before buying. HomeDevices shows exactly how the devices are displayed in HomeKit, which sensors have been built-in and which triggers and conditions can be used in automations. Some of the devices are already listed in HomeDevices before release.

App continuously improved

The range of functions has been continuously improved in recent months and user requests were implemented. In addition to more device types, including AirPlay 2 speakers and Home Hubs, app updates can also be displayed. This means you no longer miss out on new features from manufacturers. With "Smart Selection", HomeDevices automatically detects which devices users have in use and displays only the relevant app updates.

Preparations for iOS 16 and matter are already in progress

While we celebrate the important milestone with over 1,000 devices, we are preparing the app for iOS 16 in the background. In the process, we're adapting the design to the new Home app and making some improvements under the hood as well. We are also preparing for the launch of the new smarthome standard matter to support matter devices in addition to HomeKit devices in the future.

About the team

Behind HomeDevices is a two-person team from Germany. While indie developer Yannic is responsible for the further development of HomeDevices, Daniel takes care of testing new versions, releasing devices and adds missing manufacturers to the database.

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