April 28, 2022

HomeDevices 1.5 - EN

HomeDevices, the world's largest and most comprehensive Apple HomeKit database, just got better. Version 1.5 integrates app updates, enables category and manufacturer sharing, shows door locks with Home Key, and more.

The HomeDevices iOS app has grown steadily since its release in October 2021. With over 900 HomeKit devices, HomeDevices not only lists available devices, but also shows which sensors and controllable elements have been built-in, which of them can be used in automations as triggers and conditions, and much more information.

In the continuous development of the HomeDevices app, we have already enabled filtering of devices by region, added iPad support, added Home Hubs and speakers, and added news and YouTube videos in the last updates.

The latest version also integrates app updates for the first time. Via "Smart Selection," HomeDevices automatically detects which apps are relevant for the user based on the manufacturers of the HomeKit devices in use. Installed third-party apps, such as Home+ or Controllers for HomeKit, are also automatically detected. As soon as an app update is released, it appears on the home screen and the user can optionally be notified via push. In addition, apps can also be selected manually. This way, the user never misses an app update with new proprietary features from the device manufacturer.

Since individual devices and collections like to be shared, we added this feature for categories and manufacturers as well. Using the menu within the view, a link can be generated and shared. This is especially helpful when a friend asks about HomeKit-enabled smoke detectors or wonders which HomeKit devices a particular manufacturer offers. 

We've also added numerous smaller features and improved existing ones. Below are the release notes for version 1.5: 

 - Never miss an app update again: Smart Selection automatically detects which HomeKit devices you're using and which third-party apps are installed. 

HomeDevices 1.5 is now available for free in the App Store. Some features require either a subscription or a one-time purchase.

Here you can find the images of version 1.5

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