Static pages for your apps with ImpressKit

Happy to announce a new ImpressKit feature! Jordi mentioned that deciding where to host Privacy Policy pages for new apps is a hassle. Unless you already have a workflow and everything else set up, this can take a lot of effort when launching your app on the App Store.

Enter ImpressKit Hosted Pages. This new feature is separate from your Press Kits and lets you host any static HTML page for your apps that you might need.

These pages are fast, 100% responsive, and available in Dark & Light themes. You can get up to speed quickly with the same great Markdown editor that ImpressKit already uses for Press Kits and Press Releases.

The new Pages feature is available right now via the Tools section.

First time hearing about ImpressKit? It is an online service for all your press needs, specifically for indie developers. With ImpressKit, you can quickly create a new Press Kit and boost your chances of getting covered by the press.