When & how to write a press release

Press releases are a great way to get attention to your app once the initial launch phase is over. Let's look at the when and how questions.


The short answer is that whenever something is interesting to tell the press. This will most often be a significant app update. Maybe you released an iPad version? Or perhaps even a Mac one. Or basically, anything that is a standout enough feature. In the past, this would be the iOS 14 widgets, for example.

It doesn't have to be tied directly to new app versions. Perhaps some group of people is using your app in some unexpected/helpful way? You can create a press release about that.

Limited offers can also be a great topic, provided your app is somewhat known already.

How to write a press release

When writing a press release, many tips from the guide about writing a text overview for your app apply. Start with the essential information and continue towards the least important.

You should also include at the end a brief paragraph that summarizes your app. This will make it easier for the journalist to know what this is all about without opening the entire press kit.

ImpressKit displays the link to the press kit on the press release page, so you don't have to worry about the journalist not finding it.

Another overview text tip you can utilize is providing bullet points that cram a lot of information into just a bit of text. Try to structure it so that journalists can copy parts of it into the story. You will make their lives easier, which improves the chances journalists will pick up your press release.


How to distribute press release

Once you have written a new press release, your next task is distribution. The best channel for this …

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