Videos to include in press kit

Recommendations for videos vary hugely based on the type of the app.

 A must for games

If you have a game, you should 100% offer a video that showcases the actual gameplay. Video allows the journalists to quickly see what your game offers and include it in the article.

Nice to showcase AR or camera

If you have an app, video can showcase possible AR features or stuff with the camera that is hard to showcase with screenshots. You can also use videos to demonstrate more complex actions in your apps in a “tutorial” style.

If you are comfortable editing, you can prepare a catchy trailer for your app with a features showcase. The issue here is that if you redesign or use a device frame, you kind of need to update this video with a new app version or new iDevice.

Having a video(s) can also signal that you are serious about your app and don’t mind spending a lot of time preparing these.


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