Multi-lingual press kits

This short guide will look at having press kits in more than one language.

A multi-lingual press kit might be essential when you want to have the primary English one and one in your native tongue, such as getting in touch with the local press.


The main advantage of a localized press kit will be screenshots in "correct" language and that the press can cite parts of your press kit without translating them.

How to

ImpressKit doesn't have dedicated options for multiple languages because it is unnecessary. You can create a new press kit and use flag emojis or language code to denote language variants.

That's it.

Suppose you want to link to other language mutations of your press kit. In that case, you can either use the "Links" section, once again with flag emoji perhaps, and optionally order the links to display the most important language variants first.

Another option is inline in the text overview.

With these steps, you can easily have press kits in multiple languages and clean separation between them.

Need Press Kit?

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