March 23, 2023

Introducing Fitness Stats 2

I am super excited to be releasing Fitness Stats 2! It's more powerful, with more insights, and still simple, beautiful, and fun.

I built Fitness Stats at the beginning of the pandemic as a quick one-week project out of curiosity. Originally called Activity Stats, when Apple's Fitness app was called Activity, it enabled seeing lifetime totals for activity and workout data from the Health app. Since its launch, Fitness Stats has been received exceptionally well and has proven valuable to many.

Fitness Stats 2 is the next chapter of the app. It adds more features based on the fantastic feedback from many existing users. It also has an updated business model.

What's New in Fitness Stats 2


In addition to totals, see daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly averages for any date range.

Compare Stats

Easily see stats across two different date ranges side by side.

Fast Dates Picker

Quickly change the dates for the stats from a custom date range to one of the many preset options like Lifetime, Last 7 days, a specific year, or a month.

And So Much More

New stats, custom sharing, additional settings, and improved design.

New Business Model


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