Sept. 20, 2023

Introducing Tempo 5

It's an exciting time for runners with the arrival of Tempo 5 today! We are delighted to introduce Custom Workouts and Training Planner in Tempo. This new feature enables better planning of workouts and allows Tempo to also help with the pre-workout phase of the training routine. Tempo uses the latest WorkoutKit framework introduced with iOS 17 and watchOS 10 to add and schedule workouts to Apple's robust Workout app on the Apple Watch.

Here's a quick summary of Custom Workouts & Training Planner.

Custom Workouts

Create and manage custom workouts from simple time, distance, or pace-based goals to complex multi-block intervals.

Add to Watch

Upload your custom workouts to the Workout app on your Apple Watch and use them just like the standard pre-installed workouts.

Schedule Workouts

Make the Workout app follow your training calendar by setting dates for the workouts.

Training Schedule

View your entire schedule of past and upcoming workouts in Tempo.

Share Workouts

Send your friends a copy of your favorite workout routine for them to try it on their Apple Watch.

Review Workouts

Review your custom workout goals alongside all the beautiful workout details generated post-workout in Tempo.

Private & Secure

All your custom workouts are stored in your iCloud account and stay private within Apple's Workout app.


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