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Snack Plan keeps track of your theme park snacking!

When you’re someone that goes to theme parks frequently many of the visits can become centered around food. Snack Plan lets you compile lists of your favorite snacks and parks, which you then use to create your snacking plans. Mark which snacks you’ve eaten as the day progresses and you’ll also have a record of which ones you didn’t get to.


  • Track which snacks are eaten/uneaten in your plan
  • Easily copy and modify plans
  • Try it for free with one plan and one park
  • Unlock unlimited plans, parks, and snacks with Pro
  • Works offline (no Internet required)
  • No subscriptions (Pro is a one-time purchase)
  • No advertising in the free or Pro version
  • Clean and playful design
  • Dark Mode support (can be automatic)
  • Numerous settings to configure the user interface
  • Voiceover and dynamic text support

Who is this app for?

Theme park enthusiasts that know food can be a big part of the fun of theme parks.

Why did i build this?

This is actually something I wrote for myself. When you’re someone who REALLY loves going to theme parks and goes a lot, many of the visits become centered around things that are totally different from people that go rarely/infrequently. A lot of the visits can be centered around food. I was frustrated that I didn’t have an easy way to keep a list of the snacks I had on my agenda that would work offline (I have had some painful connectivity issues with WiFi and cellular when the parks are packed). I also wanted a way to copy/modify plans and track what was unfinished in plans. That’s what inspired me to write this app.

I wrote a more detailed blog post describing all of this if you’re interested!


Snack Plan is available for free. The free version lets you create one plan, one park, and a handful of snacks. The Pro version removes these restrictions and populates a large list of snacks for you automatically. Pro is a one-time purchase of $1.99 USD with no subscriptions.

A view of an active plan in the app.

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