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After transforming iPhone mirroring on the Mac, Bezel is now available on Apple Vision Pro. Bezel creates a digital clone of an iPhone and puts it in the room around you, creating a unique spatial computing experience.

The iPhone is shown inside Apple Vision Pro as a realistic three-dimensional model which responds dynamically to natural light and casts shadows, making it look and feel present in a user’s physical world. With the screen mirrored wirelessly and in real-time the copy shows exactly whats visible on the actual iPhone. Bezel makes the device resizable and gives users the ability to freely position it around you, giving a larger than life iPhone experience.

Users can do things like share their digital iPhone copy in a conference call, have a live preview of what the app/website will look like, and access apps only available on iPhone.

Key Features

Wireless Mirroring Fully wireless and real-time mirroring to Apple Vision Pro using the free Bezel iOS companion app. The apps automatically discover each other when being nearby making it effortless to connect.

A Realistic Look The mirrored iPhone is shown as a high fidelity three-dimensional model that responds dynamically to natural light, making the mirrored iPhone look and feel present in a user’s physical world.

Larger than life The iPhone can be resized and placed freely. Giving users the ability to look at every detail of iPhone and it’s on screen content with great legibility.

Immersive environments The mirrored iPhone is visible and available in Apple Vision Pro immersive environments. Enabling you to preview or access content on iPhone while being fully immersed.

Download & Pricing

Bezel is available on the App Store as a one-time $5 purchase.

For press wanting to try out the app, please reach out to for a press license.


Bezel is created by Mathijs Kadijk and Tom Lokhorst, two indie devs working together under the name Nonstrict. Having worked as experienced iOS developers on apps such as what has become Apple Music Classical they wanted a better way to preview and share what’s on a device. After having done this on macOS they now bring it to Apple Vision Pro.


Bezel for visionOS is compatible with Apple Vision Pro.

The Bezel companion app for iOS is compatible with every iPhone running iOS 16.4 or newer.

Bezel for Mac is available as a separate app.

Photos and Videos

Screenshots and videos of Bezel are available in the Images and Video sections up top. Or download all images and videos at once here.

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Release Date

Friday February 2nd, 2024

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