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Multiple Mac Displays on Apple Vision Pro

Splitscreen lets you share an extra Mac display to your Apple Vision Pro.

It makes Mac multitasking much easier and also lets users that have different Apple IDs across their devices share their Mac screen to the Apple Vision Pro (something that's not currently possible with Mac Virtual Display).

When used in combination with Mac Virtual Display users can have two Mac displays open on their Vision Pro at the same time. We're adding more resolutions, settings and more displays soon. We encourage users to vote on features they want to see us add over the next few weeks.


The app connects over the best network that is available between the two devices. Since external factors can affect performance we want to make sure it works well for users before they choose to buy the one time purchase. Based on user feedback we are adding more settings and tweaks to provide the best experience possible.

Quotes from the developers

We really wanted to bring our multi monitor setup with us on the go with the Vision Pro, so we decided to solve the problem ourselves!

Jordi Bruin

It turns out that streaming multiple high resolution monitors wirelessly to the Vision Pro is not an easy problem to solve. We think we found a good approach with Splitscreen that will allow us to add more displays and other exciting features soon!

Mathijs Kadjik

We took our learnings building Bezel (which mirrors your iPhone to your Vision Pro) and tried to make useful addition to your Vision experience.

Tom Lokhorst


Splitscreen can be downlaoded for free from the App Store. Users can use all features with a time limit of 15 minutes, which can be reset after each use. To remove the time limit users can make a one time purchase. The in app purchase is available for $20 until the end of March.


Our focus immediately after launch is to make Splitscreen as performant and stable as possible. External factors such as distance from WiFi routers can influence the performance we want to make sure that we create a robust foundation. We plan to add support for multiple displays and resolutions over the next two weeks, and we are also looking into bringing individual Mac apps as separate windows to visionOS.


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