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tactile, auditory and visual safe cracker game
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un:safe is a safe cracking game on your wrist. Indulge your safe cracker fantasies from the safety of your home, office or simply while commuting.

un:safe app is a watchOS app, which uses a combination of tactile, auditory and visual queues to help you nail that sweet spot in the dial and open the safe. Home your skills and train your senses to reach the highest level! Maybe its only for the bragging rights, but hey, you are no thief, are you?!

It was made with a high focus on accessibility, hence the whole "tactile, auditory and visual queues" thing. It's not a marketing trick, but something where I wish more apps would go to. Games and apps that we can all use and share experiences about. Sure, this "game" is not something to be talked about too much, I am aware how simple it is and not a big breakthrough or the next AAA title. But hopefully something many users would find interesting and a viable way to pass the time...from time to time :)

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