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Your audiobooks, enhanced

Every Word lets you store and play your MP3, M4B, and other common audiobook files.

The standout feature of Every Word is the ability to shorten silences, effectively reducing lengthy pauses between words and sentences and potentially speeding up playback by up to 20% for certain books. Combined with adjustable playback speeds, you're all set to breeze through your audiobooks swiftly and efficiently.


  • Import and store a variety of audio file formats (MP3, M4B, and others)
  • Store your audiobook library in iCloud Drive or locally on your device
  • Intuitive and simple player
  • Shorten silences between words and sentences for smoother listening and speed up your playback by up to 20%
  • Control your pace with adjustable playback speeds ranging from 0.5× to 3×
  • Navigate through chapters
  • Set a sleep timer to pause playback either after a certain time or at the end of a chapter
  • Keep track of your listening habits over time with straightforward stats
  • Personalize app's appearance with a choice of 10 accent colors
  • Full Dark Mode support
  • [Every Word Plus only] 14 alternative app icons
  • [Every Word Plus only] Access your audiobooks quickly from your Home Screen with Widgets

Who is this app for?

Every Word is perfect for avid audiobook listeners seeking an enhanced and streamlined listening experience. It's ideal for readers who are juggling multiple books, learning through audio, or simply love diving into a good story during their commute. With the ability to shorten silences users can breeze through their books quicker without sacrificing comprehension or distorting the audio quality. Every Word is a fantastic tool for audiobook listeners who already have their own collection of audiobook files, since this app doesn't offer a store to find and purchase new titles.


Every Word is free to download and offers most of the features without any cost. The free version, however, allows playback of only the first 2 titles imported into your library. While this does not limit the ability to import more titles, to listen to them, users must delete the previous ones.

For users seeking to unlock unlimited playback, Every Word Plus is available for $2 per month, $15 per year, or a one-time "lifetime" purchase of $40.

In addition, the Plus subscription also adds widgets and alternative app icons, with more features planned to be added in the future.

Fact Sheet

Release date

Sep 8, 2023

Supported platforms

iPhone, iPad (iOS 16.0+)


Free with optional subscription (one-time purchase option available)

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