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Serializd is the ultimate app for TV fans. Whether you're a die-hard binge-watcher or just love keeping up with what your friends are watching, Serializd can enhance your TV experience.

With a lively community, Serializd is the best place to discuss the latest "Succession" episode or find friends to talk about your "Friends" rewatch with, while keeping track of your own watching activity.


📺 Keep track of the shows and episodes you've watched

📣 Join the conversation; see what people are saying about the latest shows

🗓️ Stay in the loop about upcoming episodes and releases

📝 Share your thoughts on shows by writing reviews and creating lists

🔍 Discover new shows through user-generated lists

📊 Monitor your personal TV-watching stats, like total time spent and completed shows, as well as stats for TV shows like the quality of episodes over the seasons

💃 Show off your TV personality with customizable profiles

💡 Access extensive show information: seasons, episodes, genres, streaming platforms, and more


🌐 Available on ALL platforms: iOS, Android, and Web

🤝 Social first: Interact with a community of 200k+ users

💰 No-cost experience: enjoy all features for free, with no paid tiers or hidden fees

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