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What is Structured?

Structured is the ultimate visual day planner app designed to help people take control of their everyday lives with just a few taps. The heart of the app is the minimalistic-designed timeline, which provides the user a smooth and intuitive overview of the day. Structured can be seamlessly integrated with existing calendar and to-do lists. This synergy creates a more structured overview to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks while protecting users from overload. For a smooth transition between various life situations, Structured synchronizes across all your Apple devices. Whether you're on your iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch your plans are consistently available. Structured is now also no longer exclusive to Apple devices. It's now accessible on Android too. This makes Structured to more than a simple day planner, it’s your new companion available on a variety of platforms to make your everyday life more organized and less stressful.

With over 7 Million downloads, 220,000 active subscribers and 180,000 App Store Ratings (4.8 average rating), Structured is the #1 most downloaded day planner on Apple devices. It has been featured several times as App of the Day and was part of the App Store Founders Campaign . In Apple's iPhone event in September 2023, Structured was shown as an example for the Dynamic Island and the newly introduced StandBy mode. Forbes Magazine named Structured one of the top productivity tools, along with Evernote, ChatGPT and Slack. Also on Google Play Structured is constantly growing and will soon reach the milestone of 100,000 downloads.

Included Features

  • An intuitive timeline with quick task creation, movement, and handling, including recurring tasks that are set once and automatically resurface when due.
  • Seamlessly integrate your Schedule from Calendar and Reminders.*
  • An Inbox designed to offload your thoughts, to sort them at a more convenient time.
  • Structured Assistant: An AI that creates your daily agenda through a natural conversation.*
  • Seamless iCloud syncing to guarantee that all your devices are aligned.*
  • Drag & Drop support to easily rearrange tasks.*
  • Customized notifications to ensure no task escapes your attention.
  • Notes and Sub-tasks to break down your tasks and easy access to additional details.
  • Enhance your focus with Live Activities, interactive widgets, and a dedicated focus timer.*
  • Keep your widgets always in sight with StandyBy mode support *
  • Customizable app colors and icons to match your current mood.
  • Stay on schedule even while traveling with flexible timezone support.*
  • Accessibility Features like expanded VoiceOver and VoiceControl compatibility, along with a dyslexic-friendly font.*
  • Extended language support with 30+ languages*

*not available on Android yet

Who is Structured for?

We firmly believe that anyone can benefit from a little more structure. Structured is an app designed to serve a diverse user base. Its versatility and ease of use make it accessible and beneficial to individuals from all backgrounds and lifestyles, including:

  • Busy parents juggling family responsibilities, work commitments and a never-ending list of appointments. Structured provides a time-saving solution, helping them manage their daily routines efficiently.
  • Students who have multiple classes and school work and are seeking to boost their productivity, organize their academic tasks, and excel in their studies
  • Professionals and entrepreneurs who want to streamline their work, improve productivity and stay organized during hectic days.


Structured is free to download and features marked with a * require Structured Pro — an optional subscription. Users can choose between a monthly (~$3), yearly (~10$) or lifetime purchase (~$30). For users, who can't afford to upgrade, we offer one year of Structured Pro free of charge.

The Team behind Structured

Structured was born as a passion project of Leo Mehlig and organically grew over time to its current size. Today, we have a core team of seven individuals working on the app, complemented by talented freelancers. We eagerly anticipate further milestones on our path of innovation and growth.

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iOS 15+, iPad OS 15+, macOS 12+, watchOS 9+, Android 9+

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