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Chatterbox For ChatGPT

Chatterbox is a native macOS app to easily interact with the ChatGPT website from your Mac. It's always at your fingertips, just one hotkey away (like Spotlight) and comes with powerful tools for taking and managing screenshots.

Feature Overview

  1. Easily take screenshots of the whole conversation with a single button press or keyboard shortcut (⌘ S)
  2. In-app screenshot manager, quickly delete or export screenshots via drag-and-drop
  3. Global Hotkey (like Spotlight for ChatGPT): Press ⌥ Space (or custom hotkey) and quickly summon ChatGPT from anywhere
  4. Convenient Keyboard shortcuts for all important actions (e.g. ⌘ N for "New Chat")
  5. Native UI elements that look and feel right at home on your Mac
  6. Automatic dark mode switching, based on system-wide dark mode

Who Is This For?

Any Mac user who wants to leverage the power of ChatGPT in a native app with convenient shortcuts and powerful screenshot tools.


The app is offered as a "pay what you want" download (including $0, although paid purchases are much appreciated and help support the developer).

Technical Info

At its core, the app acts like a highly-specialised browser for displaying and interacting with the ChatGPT website. The core functionality is provided by ChatGPT itself but Chatterbox offers many convenience features and deeper integration into the OS that make it appealing for Mac users.

Fact Sheet

Supported Platforms

macOS 12 (Monterey) and newer


"Pay What You Want"

Release Date

13. December 2023

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