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Radiant is a powerful and customisable Mastodon client for iOS

Radiant lets you take complete control of your Mastodon experience. Whether it's filtering boosts so you only see them once, highlighting your mutual connections of people who follow you back, or customising the UI to suit your taste, it's Mastodon how you want it.


  • Browse and interact with your home, local, and federated timelines
  • Intuitive and stunning threaded reply view highlights the conversation
  • Powerful composer lets you create polls, upload images, and even create threads
  • Quote boosting built in and inline quote view
  • Filter previously seen boosts from your timelines
  • Toggle on or off infinite scroll
  • Show or hide boost and favourite counts
  • Dark mode support

PRIME Features

  • Add multiple accounts, with per account theming so you never get them confused!
  • Instant server notifications to your device
  • Additional app icon choices and themes


Radiant Prime is required for some features to enhance your experience, and is available for $0.99 USD a month or $7.99 USD a year.

Who is this app for?

Mastodon power users and anyone looking for a better social media experience.

iPad / Mac support in the works

Radiant currently only supports iPhone, with iPad and Mac apps in the works but no definitive timeline. At the end of the day as a solo developer, I made the decision to limit support to one platform initially in order to contain the scope enough to release! Even so, it still took me six months since starting development.

Who makes Radiant?

Radiant is made by me, Jake Nelson. I'm a solo indie developer currently based in London. Radiant is my sixth app published on the app store under my company Small Colossus. I build apps to solve my own problems or scratch an itch, and I couldn't find a Mastodon app that did things just how I wanted so I built it! I spend a lot of time using Apollo for Reddit (or at least used to), and my goal is to reach that same level of polish and craftspersonship with Radiant. It's not there yet, but that is the aspiration.

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iOS 16+

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