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The Freedom to Forget
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Remembered- The Freedom to Forget is a simple solution to a universal problem.

We all forget things that we need to remember.
Sometimes we think we remember, but we get key facts wrong.
Sometimes we waste precious time trying to reconstruct an important memory.
Remembered solves these problems because it's much more reliable than your brain.

Remembered helps you remember all those things that are so easy to forget. Things you thought it’d be easy to remember…until you can’t.

  • Where’s my passport?
  • When did I rotate my tires?
  • Where’d I hide that spare key?
  • What's the name of that series that Mark recommended?
  • Who's the contractor that Fred recommended?
  • Who was that consultant at the last marketing meeting?

Key features:

  • Remembered organizes your memories for you. When you create a memory, you can tell remembered Who, What, Where, When, Why and What Else.
  • When you need to remember something, just start typing. Remembered shows you all related memories, sorted by Who, What, Where, When, Why and What Else.
  • Your memories are there when you need them. Remembered uses iCloud to deliver your memories to any iPhone or iPad linked to your iCloud account.
  • Enter memories the way you want- Use the built in keyboard, an external keyboard, voice dictation or your Apple Pencil.
  • Instant search-Just start typing. Remembered shows you all matching memories. Keep typing and Remembered updates matching memories instantly.
  • Make a mistake? No problem- Remembered lets you easily edit your memories.
  • Instant suggestions keep your memories organized- When creating a memory, Remembered suggests Who, What, Where, When, Why and What Else items that you've used before.

  • And much more…

Who is this app for?

Anyone who can't remember everything.


Remembered Desktop is FREE. Use it forever on your MacOS device. Remembered Mobile is $4.99- Take your memories with you. Buy it once, use it forever on all iPhones and iPads linked to your account.

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iOS 15+, MacOS 12+

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