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Simple, friendly blogging from your Apple devices
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PupperPost is the easiest way to create and run your own blog.

PupperPost is a hosted blog service. With our native apps for Mac, iPhone and iPad, you can create your own blog, and write posts that appear at https://yourname.pupper.blog, or your own domain. You can write both regular posts that include text, links, photos, code and more, as well as microposts.


  • Beautiful, native apps for Mac, iPhone and iPad
  • Effortless blog hosting — we do the hard parts! Just name it and start writing
  • Manage your posts, static pages and micro posts right in the app
  • Easy-to-use text editor for composing your posts
  • Microposting interface to create short, quick posts
  • Cross-posting of your posts to other social networks

Who is this app for?

PupperPost is for anyone who wants to publish a blog of their own, but doesn't want to deal with the fuss of self-hosting Wordpress, or using a crufty web-based editor. There is no easier path to publishing on the web than PupperPost; simply download the app, create your account and you're ready to go.


PupperPost is free to use for an unlimited number of blogs. Paid accounts remove limitations, including:

  • A media upload limit of 50MB
  • Pointing your own domain to your blog
  • The ability to choose other themes for your blog
  • Removing PupperPost branding from your blog

PupperPost offers annual subscriptions based on the number of blogs you wish to support. One blog is $49.99 USD/year. Two-to-three blogs is $99.99 USD/year. Four-to-five blogs is $149.99 USD/year.

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